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The FEMA Flood Maps are complicated. This map hopes to simplify them.

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100-Year Flood Zone

500-Year Flood Zone

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Flood insurance is federally required for all structures within the 100-year flood zone (Special Flood Hazard Area, SFHA) that carry a federally backed mortage.

The FEMA flood maps are NOT property or structure specific - this causes a lot of confusion. If your lender or insurance company tells you that you are within the SFHA, that is their interpretation of the flood maps. They usually hire a flood determination company to do that for them. This page shows the maps that your lender should have used in their determination.

The only way to receive a structure or property specific determination from FEMA is to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

Specific Flood Zone Definitions

Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA)

All zones starting with V or A are within the 100-year flood area. The zones are differentiated by type of flooding or information available.This map shows these zones in red.

  • Zone A - No Base flood elevation determined.
  • Zone AE - Base flood elevation determined.
  • Zone AO - Sheet flow flooding or Alluvial fan flooding, flood depths usually between 1-3 feet.
  • Zone AH - Shallow flooding or ponding.
  • Zone A99 - An area that will be protected from the 100-year flood area via a flood protection system (ex. levee), but that system is under construction.
  • Zone V - Coastal area - takes into consideration wave action. No base flood elevation determined.
  • Zone VE - Coastal area - takes into consideration wave action. Base flood elevation determined.

Zones outside of the SFHA

This map shows these zones in blue.

  • Zone X (shaded) or Zone B - Within the 500-year flood zone. New maps show Zone X(shaded) instead of Zone B.
  • Zone X (unshaded) or Zone C - Outside of the 500-year flood zone. New maps show Zone X(unshaded) instead of Zone C.
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Common Abbreviations

  • SFHA - Special Flood Hazard Area
  • BFE - Base Flood Elevation
  • FIRM - Flood Insurance Rate Map (FEMA Flood Maps)
  • MSC - Map Service Center
  • NFIP - National Flood Insurance Program
  • FIS - Flood Insurance Study
  • LOMA - Letter of Map Amendment
  • LOMR - Letter of Map Revision
  • Map authored by Sebastian Hancock
  • This map uses FEMA's API, but is not endorsed by FEMA.